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By Nationwide Foot & Ankle Care
February 27, 2019
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How your podiatrists in Royal Oak, MI, can help with foot pain

Painful Foot InjuryPlantar fasciitis is a common foot problem and you don’t have to be a runner to suffer from it. It’s true that people who participate in high foot stress activities like running or jogging are more likely to suffer from it, but there are other issues that can cause the condition. Your podiatrists at Nationwide Foot & Ankle Care can help with foot pain—we have several convenient office locations in Royal Oak, Livonia, Saginaw, and Commerce Township, MI, to help you and your feet!

More about Plantar Fasciitis

In addition to high impact activities, other issues that increase your risk for plantar fasciitis include:

  • Carrying excess weight
  • Being 40 to 60 years old
  • Being flat-footed
  • Wearing shoes without enough support
  • Walking or standing on hard surfaces for long periods of time
  • Overpronating or rolling your feet when you walk

So, how do you know if you may have plantar fasciitis? There are several easily identifiable signs and symptoms, such as:

  • Experiencing a stabbing pain in and around your heel
  • Experiencing increasing foot pain after waking up
  • Experiencing increasing pain after getting up and putting weight on your feet
  • Experiencing increasing pain after exercising or being active

If you think you may have plantar fasciitis, you can try a few simple tips to get relief from pain. Try:

  • Placing ice packs on your foot several times during the day
  • Doing arch stretches several times each day
  • Taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory and pain medication
  • Wearing more supportive shoes and avoiding going barefoot

For moderate to severe plantar fasciitis symptoms, your podiatrist can help. At Nationwide Foot & Ankle Care, we offer several effective treatments to get rid of plantar fasciitis pain. We may recommend:

  • Stretching and physical therapy
  • Custom orthotics and footwear
  • Night splints
  • Prescription strength anti-inflammatory medications

Need Care? Call Today!

You don’t have to let plantar fasciitis symptoms keep you down. Get relief fast by calling the podiatrists at Nationwide Foot & Ankle Care, with offices in Royal Oak, Livonia, Saginaw, and Commerce Township, Michigan. Call now and get back on your feet!

By Nationwide Foot & Ankle Care
April 23, 2018
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How your podiatrists in Livonia, Royal Oak, and Commerce Township, MI, can help with heel painheel pain

If you suffer from heel pain, you already know how annoying it can be. You have things to do, and people to see, but your heel pain can keep you on the couch. Don’t ignore your heel pain and hope it goes away on its own because it may get worse. Podiatrists, Dr. Randy Semma and Dr. Michele Bertelle-Semma at Nationwide Foot & Ankle Care want to share the facts about heel pain and what you can do to get relief. They have two convenient office locations in Royal Oa, and Livonia, MI, to help you and your feet.

There are some simple reasons why you might experience heel pain, and you can usually get some relief with home remedies. These are just a few of the more common reasons for heel pain:

  • Dry skin, which can cause deep cracks and fissures on your heel and cause heel pain; you should always apply a thick, cream moisturizer to your heels especially in summer when your feet are exposed.
  • Heel bruises, which are caused by stepping on sharp objects; you can try icing your heel several times each day and remember to wear supportive, protective shoes.
  • Bone spurs, which are caused by muscle and ligament strain or excess calcium deposits; bone spurs aren’t a condition you can treat yourself. You need to call the experts at Nationwide Foot & Ankle Care.

Plantar fasciitis, which is caused by inflammation of the thick band of tissue which runs across your heel, the plantar fascia; you can try icing your heel and taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication, but your best line of defense is calling the experts at Nationwide Foot & Ankle Care. They have several effective treatments including:

  • Padding and taping your heel and foot
  • Physical therapy and stretching exercises
  • Custom orthotics, walking casts, or night splints
  • Cortisone injections into your heel

Get some help for your heel pain by talking with the experts. You depend on your feet to take you through life, so don’t ignore them. Instead, pick up the phone and call your podiatrists, Dr. Randy Semma and Dr. Michele Bertelle-Semma at Nationwide Foot & Ankle Care, with offices in Livonia, Royal Oak, and Commerce Township, MI. Call today!

By Nationwide Foot & Ankle Care
June 12, 2017
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Find out what might be causing your heel pain and when to seek medical attention.heel pain

Heel pain is an annoying issue, and one of the most common complaints we hear about. Most people will deal with heel pain at some point during their lifetime and for many people, the cause is plantar fasciitis. Our Royal Oak, Commerce Township and Livonia, MI, podiatrists Dr. Randy Bernstein, Dr. Randy Semma and Dr. Michele Bertelle-Semma are here to provide you with a little more insight into how plantar fasciitis happens and when you should see a doctor about your heel pain.

What is plantar fasciitis?

There is a thick band of fibrous tissue that runs along the soles of the feet from the heel to the toes. This tissue is known as the plantar fascia and it provides support to the arches of your feet. If you have plantar fasciitis, this means that there is inflammation and irritation.

What causes plantar fasciitis?

There are many reasons why you may be dealing with plantar fasciitis. This condition is more common in older individuals, as well as those who are athletic or have to be on their feet for long periods of time. You may notice pain in just one foot or you may have plantar fasciitis in both.

You may also be prone to plantar fasciitis if you suddenly increase the intensity or duration of your exercise regimen. Perhaps you have only been running a couple miles on the treadmill but you suddenly decide to run another extra mile outside on rocky terrain. This can lead to some pretty inflamed fascia.

If you wear shoes that don’t provide enough support or are too old, if you have flat feet or high arches, or if you are overweight, you may also be prone to plantar fasciitis.

When should I see my Royal Oak, Commerce Township, or Livonia, MI, podiatrists?

There is a lot of information on the Internet regarding ways to handle your plantar fasciitis, from avoiding high-impact exercises to icing the heel to wearing orthotics. Most cases of plantar fasciitis will go away on their own with the proper care. Of course, if you think you may have plantar fasciitis, it’s a good idea to give us a call. Any new symptoms or changes to your feet should always be assessed, just to be on the safe side.

If your heel pain is also accompanied by numbness or tingling in the heel, a fever, redness or skin around the heel that’s warm to the touch, then you should give us a call right away, as you may have an infection. If at-home treatment doesn’t ease your symptoms and heel pain doesn’t go away in a week, it’s also a good time to turn to us for more effective care.

Nationwide Foot & Ankle Care is dedicated to serving the Livonia, Royal Oak and Commerce Township, MI, areas to provide you with the comprehensive foot care you need. Whether you are dealing with diabetes or heel pain, we offer the treatment and care you need whenever you need it most.

By Nationwide Foot & Ankle Care
June 20, 2016
Category: Foot Health
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Whether you are an athlete or a grandmother, heel pain can be a frustrating and painful condition. Though your heel pain could originate from many different scenarios, Dr. Randy Bernstein at Nationwide Foot and Ankle Care in Livonia, MI can help you understand your heel paincondition and use his expertise to get to the bottom of your pain to get you back on your feet.

What causes heel pain? 
Heel pain is an umbrella term for a variety of conditions, which cause discomfort in the heel region of the foot. While many cases stem from overuse or injury, there are also underlying conditions which may cause your heel pain. This includes:

  • plantar fasciitis
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • bone spurs
  • bursitis
  • nerve damage
  • stress fractures

Heel pain often occurs gradually and worsens when you put weight or pressure on the foot. It may be worse in the morning after waking and lessen throughout the day. Symptoms of heel pain include pain, swelling, irritation, and heat or redness in the area of discomfort.

Heel Pain Diagnosis in Livonia, MI
Diagnosing heel pain often relies on the help of imagining technology like X-rays or MRIs. These allow your doctor to see the inside of your foot and spot abnormalities in the bones, tendons, muscles, and other connective tissues. In addition to a physical examination, Dr. Bernstein will ask you many questions about your lifestyle, what you think caused your pain or discomfort, what your daily life is like, and your medical and family history.

How can Dr. Bernstein help me get back on my feet? 
Depending on your condition, treatment for heel pain varies. In some cases, simply resting and icing the foot is enough to allow the body to heal on its own. Your doctor may prescribe medications to help relieve pain and swelling. He may also suggest cortisone injections to help the pain from the inside out. In the most extreme cases, surgery to correct an issue with your foot may help relieve your pain for good.

For more information on heel pain, please contact Dr. Bernstein, DPM at Nationwide Foot and Ankle Care in Livonia, MI. Call (734) 261-3400 to schedule your appointment for a foot examination today!