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By Nationwide Foot & Ankle Care
August 01, 2017
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Foot conditions which cause pain and discomfort can quickly take a toll on your daily life, especially when they begin affecting standing andBunion walking. Bunions are no different, and, though they start painlessly and grow slowly, can become very painful. However, you can find relief from your bunion pain with help from your podiatrist. Find out more about relieving bunion pain and treating this common condition with Dr. Randy Bernstein, Dr. Randy Semma, and Dr. Michele Bertelle-Semma at Nationwide Foot and Ankle Care with locations in Livonia, Royal Oak and Commerce Township, MI.

Do I have a bunion? 
Bunions are very slow growing and many patients do not realize they suffer from this condition until it begins causing them pain. However, you and your podiatrist can work together while your bunion is in its early stages in order to prevent its growth and treat the symptoms it causes. Some early warning signs and symptoms of bunions include:

  • a lump on the inside of the foot at the base of the big toe
  • pain or discomfort around the joint of the big toe
  • decreased range of motion of the big toe
  • redness or irritation on the side of the foot due to friction
  • the big toe growing towards the small toes, causing the smaller toes to overlap
  • corns or calluses where the toes overlap

Bunion Treatment in Livonia, Royal Oak and Commerce Township
If your podiatrist catches your bunion in its earlier stages, you could prevent its growth by wearing properly fitting shoes which have enough room in the toe box for the toes to lie flat. Other conservative treatment options include orthotics that improve the support and stability of your shoes. Your doctor will also advise you to avoid wearing ill-fitting, too-narrow or high heeled shoes. If conservative treatment options don't provide you with relief, surgery may be needed. This surgery removes the bunion and realigns the toe.

For more information on bunions or their treatments, please contact Dr. Bernstein, Dr. Semma and Dr. Bertelle-Semma at Nationwide Foot and Ankle Care with locations in Livonia, Royal Oak and Commerce Township, MI. Call (734) 261-3400 to schedule an appointment in Livonia, (248) 549-3338 to schedule an appointment in Royal Oak, and (248) 956-0177 to schedule an appointment in Commerce Township today!

By Nationwide Foot & Ankle Care
March 24, 2017
Category: Foot Health
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If you've noticed a change in the shape of your foot, particularly a hardened bump on your instep below your big toe, you're likely dealingbunions with a bunion. Many people have this foot issue, and your Oak Royal, Commerce Township and Livonia, MI podiatrists - Dr. Randy Bernstein, Dr. Randy Semma and Dr. Michele Bertellei-Semma - at Nationwide Foot and Ankle Care see patients with bunions on a regular basis. To learn more about bunions and how to deal with them, read on!

What is a bunion?

If you look up a picture of a bunion, you might think that it is a growth or tumor on the inside of the foot. This is a common misconception – bunions are actually the result of the bones associated with the big toe becoming displaced as the big toe begins to push against the smaller toes. Over time, the joint starts to become misshapen and the appearance of a lump begins to appear. Although not directly caused by footwear, bunions are much more likely to appear on women's feet rather than men's because of the narrow width and crowded toebox associated with many styles of women's shoes. The actual cause of bunions is associated with genetics, so if one of your close relatives had bunions, it's likely that you will develop them as well.

How are bunions treated?

Not all bunions are painful, and your Oak Royal, Commerce Township and Livonia podiatrists don't typically treat them until they become problematic. Complications include pain while wearing shoes, pain while walking or during other activities, or a callus developing over the bunion. To lessen the discomfort we may provide specialized shoe inserts that provide padding and take pressure off the bunion. Severe bunions may need surgery in order to realign the toe and allow for normal walking and footwear.

If you're dealing with a painful bunion, we here at Nationwide Foot and Ankle Care want to help you! We have three convenient locations in Livonia, Royal Oak and Commerce Township, MI. Contact the closest office to you to make an appointment today.