• What to Do About Blisters
    Do you get blisters a lot? Find out what might be causing them and how to prevent them. When you get a blister you certainly know it! The minute you put Read more
  • Are Ingrown Toenails Dangerous?
    How your podiatrists in Livonia and Royal Oak can help your ingrown toenail Ingrown toenails can lead to infection and impact your life. You may notice a dark, swollen area around Read more
  • Causes Of Your Heel Pain And How We Can Help
    Whether you are an athlete or a grandmother, heel pain can be a frustrating and painful condition. Though your heel pain could originate from many different scenarios, Dr. Randy Bernstein Read more
  • Why is Diabetic Footcare Important?
    About 29 million Americans suffer from diabetes, a potentially life-threatening and complicated disease. What many diabetics are not aware of, though, is the importance of the health of their feet. Read more
  • The Treatment of Ingrown Toenails
    Painful  ingrown  toenails  can be agonizing with or without shoes on.  Dr. Randy H. Bernstein, a podiatrist who treats ingrown toenails in Livonia, MI, at Nationwide Foot and Ankle Care, shares information and Read more
  • How to Protect Your Feet Before Long Runs?
    Running can be a great way to stay in shape and enjoy the great outdoors. Unfortunately, however, it can also cause certain foot problems if you aren't careful. Protect your Read more

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