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By Nationwide Foot & Ankle Care
September 11, 2019
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Bunion pain doesn't have to keep you from doing the things you enjoy. Treatments offered by your podiatrists, Drs. Randy Semma, Michele Bertelle-Semma and Stacey Stefansky of Nationwide Foot & Ankle Care, can slow the progression of your condition and ease your pain. The foot doctors treat bunions and other foot and ankle conditions in their offices in Livonia, Royal Oak, and Saginaw, MI.

What causes bunions?

Your risk for developing the condition may increase if you have an inherited foot imbalance, a foot deformity, arthritis, flat foot, short Achilles tendon or leg length difference. Wearing tight shoes or high heels can be a contributing factor.

Making a few changes may decrease pain

Wearing roomier shoes won't correct the misalignment of the joint at the base of your big toe, but shoe choice does play an important role in pain management. Tight shoes or high heels place increased pressure on the front of your foot and worsen symptoms. Buying new shoes is a simple way to decrease your symptoms.

Painful red spots can develop on the side of your big toe or on the top of overlapping toes when you have bunions. Applying adhesive pads to your toes offers a little cushioning and makes wearing shoes more comfortable.

Over-the-counter anti-inflammation medication can be helpful in treating pain and swelling due to bunions.

Your Livonia, Royal Oak or Saginaw foot doctor offers bunion treatments

Your podiatrist may recommend one or more of these treatments or devices:

  • Night splints or taping to improve the alignment of your foot
  • Prescription shoe inserts to cushion the foot and reduce pressure on your bunions
  • Exercises to keep your toe mobile and flexible
  • Cortisone injections to decrease inflammation

Although these treatments can decrease your pain and slow the progression of your bunions, surgery is the only way to correct the alignment of your foot and eliminate the bump. Surgery may be recommended if you have severe pain or your bunions interfere with your daily activities.

Have your bunions taken over your life? Schedule an appointment with podiatrists, Drs. Randy Semma, Michele Bertelle-Semma, and Stacey Stefansky of Nationwide Foot & Ankle Care by calling (734) 261-3400 for the Livonia, MI, office, (248) 549-3338 for the Royal Oak office, or (734) 261-3400 for the Saginaw office.

By Nationwide Foot & Ankle
March 19, 2019
Category: Podiatry
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Meet Dr. Stacey A. Stefansky!

Dr. Stacey A. Stefansky Podiatrist Livonia MI

Dr. Stacey A. Stefansky was born and raised in southeastern Michigan. She completed her undergraduate studies at Michigan State University, earning a bachelor of science majoring in human physiology. Continuing on with her education, she completed her podiatric training at The New York College of Podiatric Medicine and moved on to complete a three-year podiatric surgical residency at Harvard affiliated, Beth Israel Deaconess medical center. In her 14 years of practice, she has developed an interest in diabetic care and limb salvage as well as a focus primary podiatric medicine, preventative care, and surgery.

Dr. Stefansky is a fellow in the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, a member of the American Podiatric Medical Association, Michigan Podiatric Medical Association and is board certified by the American Board of Foot and Ankle surgery. Dr. Stefansky is the current Chief of Podiatry at Providence-Providence Park Hospital and the Director of the Providence-Providence Park Pediatric Surgical Residency Program.