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When To See A Foot Doctor For Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus can be a common occurrence among adults and children alike, so how do you know when to see a foot doctor for your toenail fungus? Untreated toenail fungus can lead to some serious short and long-term effects, making it important for your overall health to seek treatment. One of the best medical professionals to treat toenail fungus in Kissimmee, FL, is a foot doctor, also known as a podiatrist. Experts at Nationwide Foot & Ankle Care, including Dr. Randy Semma, Dr. Michele Bertelle-Semma, and Dr. Stacey Stefansky can help.

Ineffective At-Home Treatments

If you have tried at-home remedies to treat your toenail fungus to no avail, it may be time to see a foot doctor for assistance in treating your toenail fungus. If left untreated, toenail fungus can result in the loss of your toenail, athlete's foot, cellulitis, or even infection. While some cases of toenail fungus in Kissimmee, FL, can be treated at home, if you have persistent, reoccurring, or worsening toenail fungus you should see a doctor for assessment and treatment.

Foot Pain

Untreated toenail fungus can also lead to foot pain and difficulty walking, which are two signs that your toenail fungus has progressed to a level of needing professional medical attention. Foot pain occurs as a result of the fungus affecting the thickness and shape of the nail. Not only does this affect the way that your foot and nail appear, but it can also make it difficult to comfortably wear shoes or in some cases walk without pain. Any of these symptoms should be warning signs that you need to see a doctor for your toenail fungus.

Avoid Risk of Infection

A fungus that starts on your toenail can spread to other areas of the body, causing additional complications. If you notice the skin around your toe on your foot becoming red, itchy, and cracked, this can be a sign of an athlete's foot, which also requires treatment. In severe cases, the spread of bacteria from untreated toenail fungus can cause cellulitis. If the skin on your foot, ankle, or lower leg becomes swollen, red, and painful to the touch, you should seek immediate medical attention to avoid a life-threatening infection that can occur in some cases of cellulitis.

Treatment Today

If you have untreated, persistent, reoccurring, or worsening toenail fungus, it may be time to seek medical treatment from a foot doctor in Kissimmee, FL. Call Dr. Semma, Dr. Bertelle-Semma, and Dr. Stefansky at Nationwide Foot & Ankle Care today at (734) 261-3400 for the Livonia office, (248) 549-3338 for the Royal Oak office, or (989) 475-5234 for the Saginaw Bay office.

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