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When To See Your Foot Doctor In 2021

Wondering when you should turn to our  Livonia, Saginaw, and Royal Oak, MI, foot doctors for care? 

We all know that we need to visit our dentist twice a year for checkups and a regular doctor at least once a year for a comprehensive physical examination, but just how often should you turn to our Livonia, Saginaw, and Royal Oak, MI, foot doctors? To maintain healthy feet and to prevent issues from arising, it’s a good idea to visit us at least once a year for a routine checkup. We also serve the Commerce Township, MI, area.

Along with routine checkups, here are moments when it might be wise to turn to your foot doctors:

Your Feet Hurt 

Whether you are noticing joint pain in your ankle or an achy heel every time you walk, these are instances where turning to a foot care professional is going to be in your best interest. While minor pain may go away with rest, ice packs, and pain relievers, if the pain is severe or persistent, then it’s time to see us for an evaluation.

You Have Diabetes 

People who’ve been diagnosed with diabetes are more at risk for serious foot complications such as nerve damage, ulcers, and infections. It imperative that you maintain healthy blood sugar levels by taking any medications prescribed by your physician. You also seek specialized foot and ankle care from our team at Nationwide Foot & Ankle Care to prevent minor issues such as cuts, calluses, and redness from turning into something more serious. Your podiatrist can even trim your nails safely. 

You Have an Injury 

Whether you twisted your ankle or you were in a bad accident, if you are dealing with stiffness, bruising, and pain when putting weight on your foot or ankle then you could be dealing with a sprain or fractured bone. Any and all injuries should be properly evaluated by our team through imaging tests to determine the type and extent of your injury, as well as how to best treat it.

You Have Toenail Fungus

We know that toenail fungus can be quite stubborn and difficult to treat with over-the-counter medications. Of course, untreated or improperly treated toenail fungus can cause permanent and unsightly damage to the nail. If toenail fungus isn’t responding to home care or keeps returning, we can treat this infection more effectively with laser therapy.

If you need to schedule an appointment with one of our trusted podiatrists of Nationwide Foot & Ankle Care, call us at (734) 261-3400 in Livonia, (248) 549-3338 in Royal Oak, or (989) 475-5234 in Saginaw, MI. We also serve the Commerce Township, MI, area. You can schedule a house call by dialing (248) 956-0177.

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