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Improving Ankle Instability

Do you frequently feel unsteady on your feet, whether while walking, running, or simply standing? Have you suffered from ankle sprains? If your ability to engage in physical activities is being interrupted by ankle instability, the podiatrists at Nationwide Foot and Ankle Care in Livonia, Royal Oak, Saginaw, and Semma MI can help you restore your ankle function so you can engage in everyday activities comfortably.

What are the signs of ankle instability?

Ankle instability, which is caused when the outer side of the ankle loses its supportive function and gives way, is caused by repeated injury to the ankle. You may experience swelling, persistent pain, tenderness, a feeling of wobbliness, or contorting of your ankle. Ankle instability can cause you to feel off-balance and unsure of your footing. You must talk to a Podiatrist in Livonia MI right away.

How will my podiatrist diagnose my ankle instability?

Your Podiatrist in Livonia MI will ask you about previous injuries to the ankle and your symptoms. They will feel for tenderness and examine the area for any signs of swelling. Your podiatrist may use X-rays to more closely examine your ankle.

How can I improve my ankle instability?

Your Podiatrist in Livonia MI will help you develop a treatment plan depending on the cause and severity of your ankle instability, as well as your physical activity level and habits. Possible remedies include physical therapy, with exercises designed for improving balance and range of motion, or the wearing of an ankle brace to provide support and prevent the ankle from shifting. Your podiatrist may also recommend an over-the-counter pain reliever and anti-inflammatory medication to reduce discomfort and swelling.

If your ankle instability persists, your podiatrist may advise surgery to repair the ligaments in your ankle.

Don't let ankle instability keep you from enjoying your favorite activities. Contact Nationwide Foot and Ankle Care in Livonia, Royal Oak, Saginaw, and Semma MI. For Livonia, call (734) 261-3400. For Royal Oak, call (248) 549-3338. For Saginaw, call (989) 475-5234. Lastly, for Semma (house-calls only) dial (248) 956-0177.

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