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What to Do About Blisters

Do you get blisters a lot? Find out what might be causing them and how to prevent them.

When you get a blister you certainly know it! The minute you put your foot in your shoes it may be short of unbearable to move around. blistersNo one wants a blister and yet more often than not most, if not all, people will experience a blister at some point in their lifetime. Of course, if you experience blisters rather regularly then our Livonia and Royal Oak, MI podiatrists, Dr. Randy Bernstein, Dr. Randy Semma and Dr. Michele Bertelle-Semma, are here to explain why this might be happening.

Perhaps you lead a pretty active lifestyle. Maybe you love hiking or biking but your feet get pretty beat up as a result. If this is where a lot of your blisters come from, then you may want to take a good hard look at the shoes you are wearing. Shoes play a pretty big role in how healthy your feet are.

Shoes that aren’t right for your intended activities or shoes that are too loose or tight will cause additional friction to certain areas of your feet and result in painful blisters. Keep in mind that feet swell throughout the day and while working out, so remember this helpful piece of information when trying out new shoes.

Besides your footwear, there are three other causes of blisters: heat, friction and moisture. How to effectively handle blisters will be different for everyone. One solution may work great for one person but not for another, so if you have questions you can always ask one of our Livonia and Royal Oak foot doctors for help. Here are some other ways to prevent blisters:

Choose the right socks: Always wear moisture-wicking socks. Some people find that thin socks work better for them while others find that thick socks are more protective. Whatever fabrics keep moisture away and don’t cause your foot to rub against your shoes should be a great choice.

Apply antiperspirants to your feet: It might sound odd but antiperspirant powders for your feet are meant to reduce friction by staving off moisture and keeping feet dry and clean. Apply powder over the skin prior to putting on your shoes to keep blisters at bay.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: Did you know that drinking enough water throughout the day can reduce swelling in your feet? This can be a great way to reduce fluid retention and prevent shoe friction.

If you are having foot problems or you have questions don’t hesitate to turn to Nationwide Foot & Ankle Care in Livonia and Royal Oak, MI for the care your feet need. Whether you are dealing with blisters or a serious injury, we are here by your side.

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