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Treatment Options for Toenail Fungus

Fungal toenails are a common podiatric problem. Characterized by very thick, brittle, and yellow-to-brown nails (particularly on the big foot fungustoes) onychomycosis is both embarrassing and medically concerning. Here at Nationwide Foot & Ankle Care in Livonia, Royal Oak, and Saginaw, MI, your podiatrists, Drs. Randy Semma, Michele Bertelle-Semma, and Stacey Stefansky, diagnose and treat toenail fungus, giving people clearer, healthier nails.


What causes onychomycosis?

Fungus is everywhere, and these microbes just love the moist, dark environments of sweaty shoes and socks, and thrive on people who have compromised immune systems, diabetes, and some inherited foot structures. Traumatic injury to the foot and tight shoes contribute to fungal toenails, too.

Berkley Wellness reports that about 10 percent of the American population has onychomycosis on one or both feet. With increasing age comes greater incidence of this problem, and treatment is very important. After all, toenail fungus will not resolve by itself!


Diagnosis and treatment of fungal toenails

If you're concerned about how your toenails look and feel, see one of our experienced foot doctors in Livonia, Royal Oak, and Saginaw, MI, today. They see many cases of toenail fungus and often recommend one or more tried and true treatments to eradicate it for good.

Your individualized care plan may include:

  • Oral or topical anti-fungal treatments
  • Change in footwear to something with more room in the toe boxes and better circulation of air
  • Wearing clean, moisture-wicking socks every day
  • Daily washing of your feet with soap and water


Maybe it's no big deal

Here at Nationwide Foot & Ankle Care, your team of experienced and caring podiatrists will get to bottom of your fungal toenails and set you on the path to healthier feet. Call us for a consultation. We have three locations to serve you.

In Livonia, phone us at (731) 261-3400. In Royal Oak or Saginaw, call (248) 549-3338.

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